Arctic Greenland

The Greenland ice capGreenlandGreenland sun riseGreenland ice capSailing the fjordsSailing the fjordsM/S Expedition shipGreenland Ice capGlacier and Greenland capMagical ice formations GreenlandPatterns in the ice made by waterMagical ice formations GreenlandM/S ExpeditionSunsetIce caveHuge ice bergsHuge ice bergsMountain reflectionsIcebergGlacierDeath of a glacierIcebergBlack iceWeird shapes made by the ice_K1A0538.jpgc62-_K1A0497.jpgOn Polar Bear watchArctic dog from Sirius dog sled patrolSleds made by the Sirius dog patrol members in DaneborgArctic dog from Sirius dog sled patrolArctic dog from Sirius dog sled patrolArctic dog from Sirius dog sled patrolSirius dog patrol breed their own dogsFulmarGyrfalconGyrfalconGK1A9650.jpgLone walrusPurple sandpiperSnow buntingSnow buntingReflections in glacial lakeSnow buntingArctic RedpollRock formationMuskoxMuskoxenArctic hareMidnight skies_K1A0422.jpgc92-_K1A0583.jpgc76-_K1A0636.jpgc0-_K1A0643.jpg_K1A0647.jpgKayakingNorthern lights GreenlandNorthern lights GreenlandNorthern Lights GreenlandHanging glacier GreenlandGreenland town of Ittoqqortoomiit in Scoresby SoundRud Island (Red Island) because the rock is redIttoqqortoomiit arctic dogsIttoqqortoomiit arctic dogsIttoqqortoomiit arctic dogIttoqqortoomiit arctic dogIttoqqortoomiit housesIttoqqortoomiit transport when there is no snowIttoqqortoomiit inuitIttoqqortoomiit tradtional dressIttoqqortoomiit inuitIttoqqortoomiit plumbingIttoqqortoomiit housesIttoqqortoomiit police stationIttoqqortoomiit houseIttoqqortoomiit houseIttoqqortoomiit churchIttoqqortoomiit church inside view