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Trip Report – Arctic Svalbard July 2016

Sunbathing polar style

Sunbathing polar style

A fantastic trip again with Quark Expeditions on board the Sea Adventurer. Flew to Oslo, overnighted at the airport hotel, then in the morning flew to the wonderful Svalbard to pick up the expedition ship. The trip was to Circumnavigate Spitzbergen with a detour north up to the ice edge at around 81 degrees. Weather was really good for first few days, with blue skies and sparking sea and snow, then a bit misty closer to the pole we got. The number of bears sighted was astounding with 15 being spotted in one morning. Every day we managed one, two, sometimes 3 zodiak landings or cruises and the sea was mostly flat calm, which was a welcome bonus. The ship was very comfortable with spacious cabins and wonderful plentiful food, but the staff made it as only Quark staff do, with their friendliness and comprehensive knowledge of all things polar. My travel buddy and I were delighted to see Woody and Annie, previous expedition leaders, who have a great many years experience sailing on polar seas and who made it a great voyage for us.

Trip Report Arctic Greenland September 2013

Just like being transported back in time – Arctic Greenland IS the MODERN Ice Age. Stunningly beautiful scenery, unpolluted air, miles and miles of fascinating fjords and glaciers, but with a feeling of wild, raw nature. On board the MS Expedition, the Aurora Borealis came out to greet us, flickering green curtains in the black night sky. A visit to an indigenous town of Inuits and to the home of the world renowned Danish Dog sled team of Daneborg were two of the highlights for me. The ship was extremely spacious and comfortable, with a high standard of catering and lectures when at sea. This trip is highly recommended if you want to see the top of the world in all its splendour!

Trip Report: Snow Hill Emperors, Antarctica 2009

Trip Report:  Snow Hill Emperors, Antarctica

Starts from the remote but very lovely town of Ushuaia, at the very tip of Tierra Del Fuego.  Once on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov, one of very few Ice breakers in the world that are equipped to do this trip, you can enjoy immediately the sight of  many seabirds that accompany you throughout the voyage.  After 3 days at sea, (two spent crossing the Drake’s Passage, a sea which is not for the faint hearted!) you see your first glimpse of the Antarctica ice scenery.  Its like a beautiful, sparkling blue fairy land, the sights of which will stay with you forever.

The ship then parks in the Weddell sea and two helicopters fly you in groups to Snow Hill island where the four colonies of majestic Emperor penguins await.  If the weather is on your side, you get to spend up to 3 days with the penguins, but sadly for me, one and half days were in “white out” and just too dangerous for the helicopters to fly.  Nevertheless, any time spent with the cute grey fluffy babies was a bonus and I hope you will capture the essence of what it was like from my photos.

Also on this trip were three members of the BBC ,  who were filming for a new series to be called FROZEN PLANET, due to aired Autumn 2012.  As well as filming the penguins and landscape, some of us “people” aboard the expedition were also included.  I now have to wait to see whether I was included in the programmes.


Alastair Fothergill (Executive Producer of Frozen Planet) David Bailey and Jason Roberts (cameramen) filming for “Frozen Planet”